Useless Coasters
Useless Coasters

Useless Coasters

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Today I was as useless as the T in merlot.

But seriously, how useless is that T? You’re allowed to be useless but Merlot, of course, is anything but. It’s exactly what the doctor calls for after a bleh day. But since you can’t be useless every day, go ahead and make yourself useful right now… open up some merlot and click ‘add to cart’ on these coasters.

  • Includes 4 "Today I was as useless as the T in merlot." coasters
  • 4" x 4" square with rounded corners
  • White uncoated recycled pulp board (40 pt)
  • Foil-stamped with SHINY merlot foil
  • Reusable until they're not
  • Designed in New York City. Made in the USA.