15 Assorted CLASSY Funny Wine Coasters + Gift Bag
Classy Assorted Wine Coasters

CLASSY Mixed Set - 15 Assorted Funny Wine Coasters + Gift Bag

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This mixed set of classy & funny wine coasters includes 15 foil stamped coasters, each with a different wine-themed saying and different color foil. The set of funny wine coasters comes in a drawstring gift bag, making it the perfect option for gifting.

This is the CLASSY pack which means no naughty words. For a complete list of sayings included, see below. Go ahead, mix it up! 

  • Includes 15 assorted funny wine-saying coasters and 1 gift bag
  • 4" x 4" square with rounded corners
  • White uncoated recycled pulp board (40 pt)
  • Foil-stamped in various colors
  • Reusable until they're not
  • Designed in New York City. Made in the USA.

Coaster Sayings:

  1. I love wine and naps.
  2. I don’t usually put my wine down but I bought this coaster just in case.
  3. You can’t make everyone happy. You aren’t wine.
  4. My glass of wine needs a glass of wine
  5. My wine stopper has never worked a day in its life.
  6. Love you to the wine store and back.
  7. Don’t schedule a friend meeting unless you plan to bring wine to it.
  8. Wine doesn’t make me drunk. It makes me awesome.
  9. Namastay in and drink wine.
  10. A great day starts with espresso and ends with prosecco.
  11. There’s no I in team but there’s one in wine.
  12. I’m just a girl drinking coffee wishing it was wine.
  13. I drink responsibly. I rarely spill my wine.
  14. Run like there’s champagne at the finish line.
  15. This wine tastes like I need a refill.

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