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Funny Assorted Wine Coasters

YOU PICK Mixed Set - 8 Assorted Funny Coasters + Gift Bag

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This mixed set of funny wine coasters includes 8 foil stamped coasters, each with a different wine-themed saying and different color foil. You pick which sayings you want to include. The set of funny wine coasters comes in a drawstring gift bag, making it a perfect gift item.

  • Includes 8 assorted funny wine-saying coasters and 1 gift bag
  • 4" x 4" square with rounded corners
  • White uncoated recycled pulp board (40 pt)
  • Foil-stamped in various colors
  • Reusable until they're not
  • Designed in New York City. Made in the USA.

Go ahead, mix it up! 

Place your order online then email with your funny wine coaster picks. Sayings to choose from listed below - PICK ANY 8.

    1. I suffer from resting "I need wine" face.
    2. My wine stopper has never worked a day in its life.
    3. You can drink my wine but please don't fuck up my table.
    4. Don't schedule a Friday meeting unless you plan to bring wine to it.
    5. Wine doesn't make me drunk. It makes me awesome.
    6. This wine tastes like I'm not going to work tomorrow.
    7. Friends don't let friends drink shitty wine.
    8. Wine is a nice alternative to hating everyone.
    9. I'm just a girl drinking coffee wishing it was wine.
    10. I drink responsibly. I rarely spill my wine.
    11. Y'all gon' make me lose my wine. Up in here. Up in here.
    12. Namastay in and drink wine.
    13. Malbec that ass up.
    14. Today I was as useless as the T in Merlot.
    15. This wine tastes like I'll be texting you later.
    16. It's not drinking alone if your cat is home.
    17. It's not drinking alone if your dog is home.
    18. A great day starts with Espresso and ends with Prosecco.
    19. My glass of wine needs a glass of wine.
    20. You can't make everyone happy. You aren't wine.
    21. This wine tastes like I need a refill.
    22. I love Wine and Naps.
    23. Run like there's champagne at the finish line.
    24. Love you to the wine store and back.
    25. Simon says drink wine.
    26. Fuck it. Open the wine.
    27. I don't usually put my wine down but I brought this coaster just in case.
    28. This wine tastes like a good excuse for my bad behavior.
    29. It's my birthday and I'll wine if I want to. (Birthday)
    30. Moms are like wine. They make everything better. (Mom)