Father's Day Coasters "Dads Are Like Wine.  They Fix Everything"

Father's Day Coasters - Set of 4 (Heavy Duty!)

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Dads are like wine. They fix everything.
The only thing your rad dad should fix this Father's Day is a drink for himself. Ideally, a glass of wine, but this Father's Day coaster is like your Dad and can handle almost anything. These extra special dad's day coasters are a bit different than the others. They're thicker, sturdier and have extra absorbency so they feel manlier and withstand more. It's time for dad to quit fixin' and start sippin'! 
  • 4 "Dads are like wine. They fix everything." Father's Day coasters
  • 4" x 4" square with rounded corners
  • Eggshell colored, extra absorbent uncoated pulp board (60 pt) 
  • Foil-stamped with Navy Blue foil
  • Reusable until they're not
  • Designed in New York City. Made in the USA.